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birdnest for Hurks vastgoedontwikkeling design by studio ONS designer Nathalie Schellekens
Hurks Vastgoedontwikkeling


Welcome home swallow!


The Groeseind district in Tilburg has traditionally offered 'shelter' to large groups of swifts. But where were these small and unobtrusive birds when a large part of the neighbourhood was demolished and the new building started?


Commissioned by Hurks real estate development, we have designed a special front to make the breeding sites of the birds clearly visible: the Zzwerm, a recognizable image of a swarm of flying birds. 

The Swarm and its installation meets all the requirements of the Netherlands Bird Protection Service and the ecologist of the municipality of Tilburg.

Client / 

Hurks Vastgoedontwikkeling


Role / 

Concept design and


Art Direction


Year / 


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